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Professional Sleep Consultants

Are you exhausted and looking for a way to help your whole family sleep better at night? Are you wanting to start a sleep training routine, but unsure of where to begin? Have you heard horrible things about sleep training your baby, and need reassurance? Our Professional Sleep Consultants are here to help.

gentle sleep training sleep consultants


From simple in-home consultations to overnight gentle sleep training services, our Professional Sleep Consultants are here to make sure your family is getting the rest you need. We offer the very best in non-judgmental support and care as you navigate the delicate balance of getting a good night’s sleep with a baby.

You may benefit from Sleep Coaching Services if:

  • You have a baby who will only fall asleep in your arms
  • Your baby consistently naps for less than 30 minutes
  • You have a baby who, at 6+ months old, still wakes frequently at night looking for food

  • All of your other resources have been exhausted trying to establish simple sleeping routines at home
  • You are expecting and want to educate yourself on safe sleep guidelines and establishing simple sleep routines before your baby arrives
  • You are dealing with sleep deprivation and need help NOW

Why should we hire a Concierge Doulas™ Professional Sleep Consultant as opposed to another?

At Concierge Doulas™ we hold our professionals to the highest standards.

All of our Sleep Consultants are:

  • Well trained and up-to-date on current recommendations and safety practices
  • CPR & Basic First Aid Certified
  • Newborn Care Specialists
  • Background Checked
  • Insured
  • Non-judgmental and open to families of all backgrounds, faiths, and lifestyles.