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Newborn and Infant Care Services

Postpartum Doulas offer the emotional support and companionship while helping you grow into the confident parent you’re meant to be.


Are you feeling overwhelmed or stretched thin? Maybe you find yourself wondering “what’s right for my baby?

There are so many opinions, voices and research, we encourage you and help you navigate the options to find your own parenting style. 

Do you find yourself asking: “How do I tackle everything on my to do list and care for my baby?

We know you have so much to do and we’re passionate about being the extra pair of hands you’ve been dreaming of. We’re skilled in infant care, we help with things around the house and can even make that run to Whole Foods for you while you and the baby nap.

Some of our clients have even admitted to telling themselves “This baby is WAY more than I bargained for.

Do you at times feel that way but you don’t know where to turn and who to ask without being judged?

(SECRET: You’re not alone!) This is typically a sign of being stretched too thin and the perfect example of how we help families. Once you’ve had a few good nights of sleep and the dishes aren’t piled up, laundry is folded, and your baby is being loved on while you get your first shower in a week, you’ll feel like a WHOLE NEW person! Promise!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, reach out to us. We’re here to help.


Sleep, what’s that?

Do you find yourself waking up exhausted everyday?

Are you saying “Oops, mommy brain! I forgot!” to the people around you more than you’d like?

Maybe you feel like you may as well be in a “drunken stupor” from your current level of sleep exhaustion?

Perhaps you find yourself thinking “How am I going to get up for work even one more day?”


If you found yourself saying “OMG, YES THAT’S ME!” to any of the questions above, we can help you feel rejuvenated again! Sleep deprivation isn’t a rite of parental passage, it’s a torture device.

You deserve to be rested enough to enjoy your baby!

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Your doula will be there for you in whatever you need.

THINK OF IT! Every shift will your doula will be filled with several, blissful hours where someone is there helping you with whatever you need most.

  • Let us handle the dishes that have been piling up on you while you’ve been recovering.
  • Let us take care of that load of baby laundry while you take a nap!
  • Let us teach you how to swaddle like your awesome nurse did.
  • Let us give you uninterrupted, quality sleep while you know baby is in great care and maybe even wake up to lunch ready for you!

We can do all this for you and more! Try us out and see what postpartum doulas are all about!



If any or all of these sound like you and you’re looking for help, you’re looking for US!

Go ahead, imagine getting back to feeling like yourself. Imagine feeling rested and taking on the world! Are you ready?

Prices vary based on client needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provide you with information regarding the latest evidence-based practices
  • Support you in infant care, newborn development, infant soothing, and more.
  • Care including, but not limited to: bathing, swaddling, baby wearing, Happiest baby on the block, etc.
  • Support with breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding as needed.
  • Help with sterilization of and preparation of bottles as needed.
  • Provide non-judgmental support and encouragement.
  • Assist you in carving out time for your own self-care.

  • Help with meal and snack preparation.
  • Grocery shopping and light errands.
  • Light housework and organization.
  • Care for your baby while you shower, nap, or spend time with your other children and/or partner.
  • Keep you company when first getting adjusted to going out in public with your baby. This includes going with you to health care providers, the store, or any other errands you need to run.
  • Provide you with referrals to other resources and professional services when needed.
  • Support you via telephone and email.

Nanny, night nurse, baby nurse, Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Baby Nurse…

Different names, different certifications but at the core, very similar. Postpartum doulas, Newborn care specialists and baby nurses are here for you and your family. The difference is that

Concierge Doulas, we hold our specialists to the highest standards.

All of our specialists are:

  • Well trained and up-to-date on current recommendations and safety practices
  • CPR & Basic First Aid Certified
  • Newborn Care Specialists
  • Background Checked
  • Insured
  • Non-judgmental and open to families of all backgrounds, faiths, and lifestyles.