Our Values

We at Concierge Doulas have a set of values that we take seriously. These values influence how our company is run, down to the last detail.

We are proud of our company values. If you agree with our primary pillars, then we think you will enjoy your time working with us!

#1. We believe in love and equality. (most important)

At Concierge Doulas, we believe that any behavior that grows from hate or bigotry (such as racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, etc) is unacceptable. It is not something we can overlook from our team or from our clients. For this reason, we proudly practice inclusivity and love in our words and actions, and we make no exceptions to this standard. 

Your family is unique, and we love that! We support all family dynamics, from big to small, traditional to outside-the box. We promise to respect and honor your choices for your family. 

We welcome you with open arms, regardless of family structure, faith, or fundamental parenting beliefs.

#2. Average is boring. We love to laugh!

All of us at Concierge Doulas love to laugh. We believe that laughter and joy do wonders for the body, and we are always ready to enjoy conversation and fellowship with our clients. Developing friendships with clients and keeping in touch after services are finished is a big part of who we are, and much of that stems from the relationships and laughter that were shared during our time together. 

We’re always professional but we value being fully ourselves! Depending on your team member, you can expect funny jokes, quirky sci-fi references, talking about the latest Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal episode, etc. 

#3. We love creativity.

Sometimes, situations can arise that require some creative thinking. We don’t give up when things require some extra work. We believe in finding creative solutions that benefit you and your family. Thinking outside the box is our speciality.

# 4. It’s none of our business!

We believe strongly that your privacy and your baby’s privacy are paramount.

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Here is how we treat social media posts of you and your family:

  • A photo release is part of the process for every client that hires Concierge Doulas™ of South Florida.
  • You choose if you want pictures shared at all, your names shared, initials only shared, or nothing at all.
  • We NEVER “check in” to the hospital with you. (If our doulas “check in” to the hospital, it’s days after the birth to protect your privacy.)

#5. We love our jobs! Excellence, assured.

Seriously, we love what we do. That’s why we are so passionate about doing it, and doing it well. We take great pride in being up to date on the latest information, and in being familiar with local hospital policies. We also  have great working relationships with OBGYNs and Midwives across South FL, which also makes it easier to do the job we love!

You can rest assured that anyone entering your home is fully QUALIFIED to provide the level of care that you expect and deserve. Our team commits to the following:

  • Background checks
  • CPR/AED training
  • Food safety certifications
  • And more

#6. We stick to our scope.

As doulas, we have a clear Scope of Practice that we have been trained in. If something is outside of our scope, we will speak up about it, and refer you to an appropriate third party if needed. We take our jobs and your safety seriously, and we want your care to always be in the best, most capable hands possible.

#7. Uniformity, Quality & Customer Service

When you meet your doula, you will surely recognize her, as she will certainly not resemble ANY baby sitter. Expect to see navy scrub bottoms, matching scrub top or a white t-shirt top.

We match you up with doulas that will suit your family, and follow up with you during your time together to ensure that you’re completely happy. 

Our doulas are trained to provide your family with a level of care beyond anything available! These seemingly small details make the service we provide superior time and time again.

#8. Honesty is the best policy.

In our personal lives and in business, we strive to live honestly. While our answers will always be honest, this does not mean they will be ‘harsh’ or ‘tough truth’.

In addition to speaking honestly, we also will speak with kindness. When you ask us a question, you can expect honesty, and if we don’t know an answer, we are happy to refer you to a verified source for more information. 

#9. Our prices are firm.

We take great pride in offering the very best in services and support. We invest a lot of time and energy into our business, and in you, the client. Our prices reflect our thousands of dollars invested in training and continuing education, maintaining certifications, liability insurance and background checked team members. It reflects the countless hours of honing our skills,  and our time, and dedication to serving and supporting you. We promise, we are worth it!