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So, you want to become a doula? Maybe you are already a pregnancy and birth or postpartum worker, and you are looking to take things to the next level.

Although we’re not currently hiring, we’d love to add you to our list so when we’re ready we can reach out to you! Fill out our short contact form below if you feel you meet the following:

You’re someone who’s definitely

  • Driven and committed to excellence when it comes to the work that you do, both on your own and with a team?
  • Professional, and prepared to work independently?
  • Able to attune to the people you are working with, and respond in ways that speak to your client?
  • Friendly, non-judgmental, and wanting to make a positive difference in families across South Florida?
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You love to

  • Create meaningful and authentic relationships with both the people you work with, and those you serve as well?
  • Give incredible foot rubs?
  • Snuggle a fussy baby to sleep?
  • Give the invaluable gift of support to families through pregnancy, delivery, & parenthood?

Maybe you are

  • Looking for a teamwork dynamic, and are open to honest communication with co-workers and clients?
  • Someone who enjoys being recognized and appreciated for the work that you do?
  • Creative, and able to keep your thoughts and tasks organized while thinking outside of the box?
  • A person who is flexible and up for meeting new people and trying new things?
  • Able to keep a clear head, even in a high-stress or fast paced environment?

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If you feel like you would be a great fit for our team, we would love to hear from you. We’re seeking a diverse group of people ready and willing to work to enhance the doula profession while growing our brand in a positive way.

If you would like to join us on this grand adventure, please join our mailing list and we’ll reach out next time we’re hiring again!

CD News & Hiring Updates

*Experience preferred, but not necessary. Training is required before the doula can serve clients. Concierge Doulas is not a training organization. It is up to the Doula to find a training organization that aligns with their beliefs and standards. We can help fill in any gaps, and encourage additional training for extra skills as needed.