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Greenpath Baby in Palm Beach Gardens | Favorite Friday

This week for Favorite Friday, we want to feature Greenpath Baby, a local, mom-owned baby store specializing in ‘natural parenting.’ From cloth diapers to baby carriers, Greenpath Baby desires to help parents find the most natural products for their babies, at every price point.

What can I find at Greenpath Baby?

If the product you are looking for fits into the natural or ‘crunchy’ parenting vibe, then chances are, you can find it at Greenpath Baby! They carry essentials, like cloth diapers, organic detergents, strollers, and clothes. They also carry several quality brands of baby carriers, including Tula, Lillebaby, Girasol, Fidella, Beachfront Baby, and more! Accessories like lotions, amber teething necklaces, bibs, and swaddles are also available. For those of you who aren’t local, shopping at Greenpath Baby is simple- they have an online store, too!

In addition to products, they also offer various meetups and classes, meant to educate and enrich the community. Cloth diapering and babywearing classes, baby music classes, and more are a great way to connect with other like minded parents, and learn new things.

Greenpath Baby

Our Personal Thoughts

We L O V E Greenpath Baby! It is our go-to store for all of our natural parenting needs. You won’t find sweeter staff anywhere else, and the environment is clean and welcoming.  It’s like the Target of small businesses- you don’t want to leave until you have one of everything in your cart! If you have a natural parenting style, and love to shop local, then this store is an absolute must-check-out.


Greenpath Baby is located Downtown at the Gardens. They are open Monday-Saturday from 11 am till 9 pm, and on Sundays 12-6 pm. Visit their website for more information.

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