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Concierge Doulas™ — What’s the difference?

Concierge Doulas

When Concierge Doulas™ came together, we had one goal in mind: to completely change the expectation of what a DOULA is in South Florida. We have committed ourselves to excellence, with the goal to be intentionally set apart from every other doula.

There are so many ways that we have chosen to distinguish ourselves.

Here are the points of our five star service:

Customer Service

Our clients recognize the sounds of customer service….

“My pleasure.”
“May I have your name, please?”
“Great to see you again, Mr. or Mrs. _____!”
“Have a wonderful evening.”

Two things that I’ve found are worth my money every time: quality and top notch customer service! Our doulas are trained to provide your family with a level of care beyond anything available! These seemingly small details make the service we provide superior time and time again.


“Friend” a doula or follow them on their social media and you’ll inevitably see post after post of them holding their “doula baby”, checking in to the local hospital because “It’s go time!” or some other announcement of the like.

These are fun, they’re light hearted, they’re full of love, they’re usually beautiful pictures, and honestly, I used to do them as well. But one day I realized something, I was unintentionally usurping my client’s story. I was tooting my own horn, or telling about how happy I was… when really, it’s not about me at all!

When Concierge Doulas™ was created, we both agreed that privacy would be one of the major tenets of CDSF. Concierge Doulas™ believes strongly that your privacy and your baby’s privacy are paramount.

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Here is how we treat social media posts of you and your family.

  1. A photo release is part of the process for every client that hires Concierge Doulas™ of South Florida.
  2. You choose if you want pictures shared at all, your names shared, initials only shared, or nothing at all.
  3. We NEVER “check in” to the hospital with you. (If one of our doulas “checks in” to the hospital, you can be sure it’s days after the birth to protect your privacy.)
  4. Even with your release in hand we ask your verbal permission again for pictures we’re considering posting.



So, when you look at the Concierge Doulas™ page and wonder, “Where are all the babies?” Now you know. Our clients value their privacy, and we value our clients. You’re in safe hands with us.


We have committed ourselves to standards of excellence above and beyond ANY agency in South Florida. Our commitment to serving our clients with the highest standards available are unsurpassed. Our doulas commit to:

  • Background checks
  • CPR/AED training
  • Food safety certifications
  • And more!

These are a few of the differences that you’ll find when you work with Concierge Doulas™ of South Florida. Our standards of excellence remove the daunting, overwhelming work of having to search for all these necessary qualities in your doula. You can rest assured that anyone entering your home is fully QUALIFIED to provide the level of care that you expect and deserve.


When you meet your doula, you will surely recognize her, as she will certainly not resemble ANY baby sitter. At Concierge Doulas™, not only do we hold ourselves to a higher standard, so do the doulas that are a part of our team! Our doulas are professional under all circumstances. She will come prepared to work, and to exceed expectations!!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased something and regret it… so many times! We want to be sure this NEVER happens to you with us. We take quality assurance very seriously!

During your private consultation, we are completely focused on your family’s individual needs and wants, and start the implementation of systems that are customized for your family. We make doubly sure that your needs are met because we also have questionnaires geared to better understand your needs. Your family’s needs come first.

We match you up with a doula that will suit your family, and we will certainly be following up to ensure that you all are transitioning well with your doulas. You never have to worry that you’ll be “stuck” settling with a doula that’s not qualified to fully support you. At Concierge Doulas™ of South Florida, we are committed to your satisfaction.


Just because we have policies and standards in place to safeguard the quality of your care, doesn’t mean you won’t get the warm and fuzzies! We love and adore you, our clients. We connect with you, we don’t just help you, we grow with you, we feel with you, we experience with you. Our hope is that you will feel like we’re as much a part of your family as you are a part of ours.

If this sounds like the kind of difference you’re looking for; If this sounds like the kind of service that meets your lifestyle, contact us today, because we’re ready to meet the next members of our family.

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