About Us

Nice To Meet You!

Who are we?

Prior to becoming doulas, Chanice Ford and Lily Gann were in the customer service and consumer relations industry. They are two labor and postpartum doulas who were fed up with the status quo and came together to establish Concierge Doulas™ in 2015 with one goal in mind: to completely change the expectation of what a DOULA is.

Not only are they equipped to support you in your choices, and help you achieve a safe, peaceful, satisfying birth experience and enjoyable postpartum period filled with rest and companionship for you and your family. They do it with professionalism, sophistication and proficiency.

What can you expect?

When you choose Concierge Doulas we connect with you, we grow with you, we feel with you, we experience with you. So if you feel like you're tired, struggling, overwhelmed or just need a compassionate, listening ear... we're here for you.

More about Us:

Chanice Ford

Chanice Ford is a certified newborn care specialist, postpartum doula, infant sleep coach, and the visionary founder of Concierge Doulas.

In her work as a cornerstone of the parenting community, her authenticity and clarity help her forge powerful lasting connections with her clients, care providers, and colleagues. As the local expert in postpartum and infant care, Chanice has received professional training and certification through DONA, Newborn Care Solutions, and Mommywise Sleep Coaching.

Her motto is “exceed expectations, every time”, as countless satisfied new families can attest. Chanice is a powerful teacher, speaker, and friend, who resides in Boynton Beach, Florida with her family.

Lily Gann

Lily Gann is a certified pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula and placenta specialist, and is also the co-founder and director of delight for Concierge Doulas.

Her dedication, compassion, and authenticity allow her to intimately connect with and forge long lasting relationships with clients, care providers, and colleagues. Lily has received professional training and certification through DONA, ProDoula and IPPA.

Her motto is “Discover and Delight or Make it Right” as she tenaciously tackles any issue to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Lily Gann resides in Davie, Florida with her husband and two children.